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DeLong Library - Resources for Staff

  Library Media Services for Staff

We're here to support you. Below are some of the services and resources we offer. 

Partner in Instruction

We provide instruction, ideas, and resources for:

  • Engaging students with books and reading
  • Research and inquiry - keywords, searching techniques, evaluating sources, taking notes, citations
  • Digital citizenship (online manners and safety)
  • Information, visual, and media literacy
  • Teaching and learning with technology
  • Multimedia creation - podcasting, video recording, webpage creation
  • Copyright and intellectual property rights

Curate Resources

Ask us when you need:

  • Articles to share with students
  • A list of books on a certain topic
  • A cart of library books for your classroom
  • A web guide of resources for students to access for your class or assignment
  • A list of suggested new materials for your department to purchase


We're available to:

  • Answer questions
  • Join your department meeting
  • Create materials to help students learn, like class/project guides or tutorials or Canvas pages
  • Team-teach with you on units
  • Present to your class
  • Work with small groups
  • Find/recommend resources for students, your department, or a project
  • Demo technology tools
  • Join your Canvas course as an "embedded librarian"

Manage Materials

We select, maintain, and house:

  • Library books
  • Technology (laptops, iPads, etc.)
  • Professional books for staff
  • Curriculum videos (streaming and DVD)
  • Digital booksWe provide and house:
  • Databases and research resources
  • Magazines and newspaper (print and online)
  • Student textbooks

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