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Manz Elementary Library: Literacy Center

Aprill 22nd is Earth Day

Click on the image below to watch the video about Earth Day on Flocabulary


Current Events - Grades 3-5 Flocabulary

Current Events for the week of April 22nd, 2022

South Middle School Library Catalog

Attention 5th Graders! Here is a link to get to the South Middle School Library Online Catalog. Feel free to browse around and see what books are available to you for your upcoming 6th grade year. If you decide to place a hold on an item, be sure it is a good fit book for you. If you have any questions feel free to see Mr. Gump for any assistance.

Coming soon!!! I hope to have a picture tour of the library soon. Check back.

ALSO: Check out the SMS Library Resource Page below

April is Poetry Month

Have you ever heard of Book Spine Poetry? We will be exploring some options within our library this month for grades 4-5. What is Book Spine Poetry you may ask? See the example below.

Book Spine Poetry

Blackout Poetry is another type of poetry that is fun and rewarding to do. Simply blackout words on a page (copied) to reveal the poems within. We will be exploring Blackout Poetry with the 4-5 students as well.

Blackout Poetry

Source: Blackout Poetry Workshop – Blackstone Valley Tourism (

Virtual Field Trips

Are you interested in going on a trip but are bummed out because, well, you have to go to school? Take a look at some of the "Virtual Field Trips" we have listed.

San Diego Zoo Live Cameras