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NoodleTools, Citations & Paper Formatting: NoodleTools

We recommend NoodleTools for creating citations. It works with our school databases and does the formatting for you.

Citation Tool for a Project with Multiple Sources


Log in using the Clever button in NoodleTools

Set Up a New Project

  • Name your project
  • Citation style: MLA
  • Citation level: Advanced
  • Submit

Citation Tool for a Single Citation

NoodleTools Express
NoodleTools Express

  • Copy/paste only
  • Can't be saved
  • No link back to the source

Create Citations


1. From the source's page, find the database's cite or citation link

2. Look for and click on "Export" or "Send to Noodletools"

3. Choose your project (see below)

4. Click "Import"

5. Refresh your project page in NoodleTools to see your new entry


1. Click +New Source

2. Select "Website"

3. Select what kind of source it is

4. Fill in as much as you can on the page

5. Save

Types of Websites

What You Need to Enter


1. Click the +New Source button (top right)

2. Choose the Print or in-hand and Book

3. Search by ISBN (or change to title)

4. Select the matching book and click Import Selected Source

5. Check the information and click Continue

6.  Click Save


1 Click +New Source

2. Select where the source is from

3. Select what type of source it is

4. Click "Quick cite: Copy & paste a citation"

5. Paste the citation in the text box

6. Save

Manage Your NoodleTools Project

With a Teacher

Your teacher must first create a NoodleTools account and create a folder in their Inbox in NoodleTools.

  1. In the Project view of NoodleTools, look for the "Share" column
  2. Click on the
  3. Click on the Share next to "Share with a Teacher's Inbox"
  4. Start typing your teacher's Inbox folder name and select it
  5. Click Done

Teachers: to view submissions, go to your Inbox on the left blue menu, then open the folder you want to see.

With a Classmate

1. In the Projects list view, move your mouse to the "Sharing" column and click on the

2. Under "Student Collaboration," click

3. Type in the full school email address of the student you want to share the document with

4. Choose "Full collaborator" to give your classmate editing rights

5. Click Done

See a Project That Was Shared with You

Refresh your NoodleTools page, and you should see your shared project listed.

Add Your Name to the Page

1. Click the Export/Print button at the top of your page when you are in your project

2. Select "Formatting Options"

3. Expand the "Page Header"

4. Enter all your group members' last names

5. Click "Set Header"

Print Your Page

1. Click the Export/Print button again 

2. Select "All Sources"

3. Select "Print/Export to Word"  or "Print/Export to GoogleDrive"

4. Submit

5. Choose your file location

6. Name your file

6. Save


1. In your list of sources in your NoodleTools project, click on the citation you want to annotate

2. Scroll to the bottom and enter your annotation

3. Click Save

What is an Annotation?


NoodleTools can't create the in-text citation for you, but it will tell you what it should look like.

  1. In your list of sources, click the 3 dots to the right of the citation you want to use
  2. Select In-Text Citation and read the description

When to Paraphrase, When to Quote

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