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 About DeLong Middle School Library

Library Media Mission

We believe that library media programs are essential to 21st century life skills; therefore, our mission is to:

  • Promote a love of reading
  • Ensure all students feel safe, welcomed, included, valued, represented, and supported in our library collections and through our instructional practices
  • Connect learners with ideas and information
  • Teach information technologies and digital citizenship
  • Prepare students for life-long learning and informed decision-making
  • Participate as active partners in the teaching/learning process
  • Provide leadership in the total education program

What We Do

The library provides print and online materials for all curriculum taught at DeLong Middle School. We teach and support students and staff in reading engagement, research and inquiry, digital citizenship, media literacy, and instructional technology.

Our library/media/technology program at DeLong follows the Wisconsin Standards for Information and Technology Literacy and is part of Wisconsin's Digital Learning Plan, which is based on the Future Ready Framework.

Future Ready Libraries

Library Staff

Mr. Wojahn

Media & Tech Integration Specialist | 715-852-4909

Mrs. Moon

Instructional Media & Technology Clerk
715-852-1489 (library desk)

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