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I used to use Sora all the time. Why am I getting an error message now?

The district recently switched how we log into Sora. To clear your error:

  1. Log out of Sora on all your devices (computer and the app on your phone/tablet). 
  2. Go to the ECASD Start Page > Clever > Sora. This will log you in the new way.

Now you can go back to your app and log in with your ECASD credentials and it should work.

I used to use Overdrive. Where is it?

Overdrive has been rebranded into "Sora." It is the same collection of books.

How many books can I check out from Sora?

Right now, staff and students can have up to 5 books checked out in Sora. This is in addition to any print books you might also have out from the library.

For how long do I get the book?

Books check out for 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days - it's a preference you can set.

Can I renew a title?

Yes, as long as there is not a wait list for the title. Here's how.

How do I return a book?

The books will automatically delete off of your Sora account at the end of your loan period. However, if you want to return them earlier than that, here's how.

If I put a book on hold, how will I know when it's available?

If you log into Sora, there will be a notification in your holds section of your account.

I have a Kindle. Can I read my Sora ebooks on that?

Yes! Here's how.

Can I have my whole class read the same title?

Sora is like our regular library in that once a book is checked out, it is not available to other readers until it is returned. To have multiple people read the same title at the same time, we'll need to purchase multiple digital copies. Contact your school librarian if you are interested in this.

I'd like to suggest a title be added to our Sora library.

Contact your school librarian. We are always open to to adding titles our readers recommend!

You may also want to check your public library - all Wisconsin public libraries belong to Wisconsin's Digital Library, which uses the same platform as Sora. Additionally, the Eau Claire public library also subscribes to several other digital book collections. Check them out!

I'm retiring. Can I still check out books through Sora?

Yes! Email Caroline Akervik (cakervik). Let her know you'd like a retiree account set up with your personal email address.

My question isn't here.

Check the official Sora Help pages or contact the library!

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