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ECASD - Sora Help Guide: Home


This is a guide to help you use Sora through the Eau Claire Area School District

Sora is a digital library of ebooks and audiobooks. There are a lot of options available to you! You can read or listen to books on a computer, phone, or tablet. You can download the books to your device or stream it through wifi or your phone's data plan. The directions below highlight some of the most common ways people use Sora.

Happy reading!

Setting Up Sora for the First Time


Go to the Sora link.

Step 2

Search for our library - enter the zip code, then select Eau Claire Area School District.


Step 3

Staff and 6-12 Students

  • Sign in using your regular ECASD username or student ID (not full email) and password.


K-5 Students

  • Sign in using your student ID (not full email) and lunch PIN.


Sora Sign In


Now you are ready to start exploring Sora! Use the icons at the bottom of your screen to navigate.

  • Explore - search for books

  • Shelf - where you'll find your checked out items, holds, and lists.

  • Me - check your settings



Frequently Asked Questions

How many books can I check out from Sora?

Right now, staff and students can have up to 5 books checked out in Sora. This is in addition to any print books you might also have out from the library.

For how long do I get the book?

Books check out for 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days - it's a preference you can set.

Can I renew a title?

Yes, as long as there is not a wait list for the title. Here's how.

How do I return a book?

The books will automatically delete off of your Sora account at the end of your loan period. However, if you want to return them earlier than that, here's how.

If I put a book on hold, how will I know when it's available?

You will get an email to your school email account letting you know when the title is available. If you log into Sora, there will be a notification in your holds section of your account.

I have a Kindle. Can I read my Sora ebooks on that?

Yes! Here's how.

Can I have my whole class read the same title?

Sora is like our regular library in that once a book is checked out, it is not available to other readers until it is returned. To have multiple people read the same title at the same time, we'll need to purchase multiple digital copies. Contact your school librarian if you are interested in this.

I'd like to suggest a title be added to our Sora library.

Contact your school librarian. We are always open to to adding titles our readers recommend!

You may also want to check your public library - all Wisconsin public libraries belong to Wisconsin's Digital Library, which uses the same platform as Sora. Additionally, the Eau Claire public library also subscribes to several other digital book collections. Check them out!

Wait, if I can read and listen to these books for free, why am I buying them in the Kindle store or paying for an Audible subscription?

Good question! Save yourself some money and use Sora. The only reason to pay for digital titles is if they aren't available or you want a copy to keep.

More questions? Check the Sora Help pages or contact the library!


Sora on a Phone or Tablet

Sora on a Desktop or Laptop