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🦅 Memorial High School Library: Student Tech at MHS

Student Tech at MHS


All students are issued a Dell laptop. If something is not working as it should, please first:

Run Updates ➡ Restart ➡ Check Your Network

If you continue to have problems, please come to the library for IT support.

There are also tons of great resources here: ECASD Tech Support for you to troubleshoot outside of school hours.

Laptop Basics

Student Laptop Care by Susan Thiede

Laptop Chargers

Each student is issued a charger when they check out their laptop. They should bring their charger to school each day.

If students forget their charger, the library has a limited supply of chargers and battery packs that check out for a day. There are also charging stations in the library. Students can come to the library with a pass for study hall or before or after school or at lunch to charge up.

Art iPads

Students who are enrolled in Drawing I, II, Painting I, II, AP Art or Graphic Arts are issued an iPad.

  • Art iPads come with a case, charger, and Apple pencil.
  • They check out for a semester at a time.
  • Missing iPads or accessories will be billed to the student.
ECASD iPads by Susan Thiede

Lost, Stolen or Broken Technology


If you have lost your laptop or iPad or charger, please report it to the library as soon as possible. IT may be able to electronically track where it is and help you recover it.


If your device or charger has been stolen, please let the library know as soon as possible. We will help you file a police report. Typically, if a police report is filed, a replacement fee is not charged to the student.


If your device or charger is broken, please bring it to the library. IT will work with you to repair or replace it. Depending on the circumstances, charges may be incurred.

Paying Fees

  • Fees are charged for lost and damaged technology. This is so we can replace the item for other students to use.
  • Cash or check payments (made out to "ECASD") for these items can be made at Memorial's library or the ECASD Board Office at 500 Main Street.
  • f you'd like to pay with a card, please log into your My School Bucks account and pay there. That account will sync with your library account.
  • Please contact the library ( | 715-852-6430) with questions or concerns.

Repair/Replacement Fees

[link to full document]

Seniors: Transfer Your Files Before You Graduate

After graduation, your ECASD-provided accounts, logins, and files will no longer be accessible to you. Please transfer the files you might need in the years to come to a personal account.

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