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🦅 Memorial High School Library: FollowMe Printer Set-Up

FollowMe Printer Set-Up

Adding the Printers

  1. Search bar imageCopy/paste or type each of these into the search bar (bottom left) on your laptop.
  1. Hit Enter or click “Open” and let it install. 

  2. Close all the pop-up windows.

Printing to FollowMe

Printer view imageAfter you've added the printers:

  1. Print your file as you usually would, but select one of the FollowMe printers. You may need to use the drop-down menu in "Destination" and select "See more..." to find them.

  1. Go to any printer in the building and log in with your student ID.  

  1. Click Print Release, if needed. 

  1. Select your document. 

  1. Tap Print. 

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