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🦅 Memorial High School Library: Library Pass Info

Library Pass Info

  • All students need a pass for the library. This is how we know they aren't skipping class.​

  • Short visit - paper pass or lanyard

  • Stay the hour - online pass

Online Pass Link

Contact the library 16430 ( for the link. We don't share it out publicly so that students can't sign themselves up.

How To Issue an Online Pass

Passes aren't available until the bell rings for that hour.

  1. Click on the link (then bookmark it)
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button next to a slot
  3. Enter the student's ID
  4. Enter the teacher's name (yours)
  5. Send the student to the library and tell them to check in at the desk when they get there

When students check in at the library desk, LibraryTrac will automatically email you. Please give us a call or email to check if you haven't gotten an email.

Students should be marked absent for the hour if they haven't checked in with us.

Tips & Reminders

  • Issuing passes (or not) is at your discretion.
  • Please don't share the pass link with students.​
  • If there are no online slots open, we are full or closed.​
  • Academic need (note or purple pass from academic teacher) gets priority for passes. 
  • Please sign out slots before you send students.
  • 4 online passes per room for the first 10 minutes.
  • If slots are still available after 10 minutes, you may issue more passes.

Information for Your Sub Folder

Please share this information with your sub or tell your sub to not issue passes for the day.

Slideshow to Share with Students

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